Dysian Wyborn


Dysian Wyborn is a Priest of Silaas, part of the order of St. Hymoras. Hymoras was a Paladin of Silas on a pilgrimage to visit a relic in the outskirts of human lands. while visiting the town it was beset upon by Orcs. Hymoras rallied the people to fight back the horde and led the people to victory without a single person from the town perishing. However, Hymoras ended up dying killing the lead shaman who was after the relic. After that he stood for Leadership and Community Strength.

Dysian is the 3rd son to Bane Wyborn. The Wyborn family has been charged with keeping safe a portion of trade route that is close to Orc lands. One son from the usually joins the Emperial Army while others stay and lead the communtiy and safe guard the trade route. Dysian’s eldest brother, Devok, is the 3rd in command for the home forces. Devok is only behind Bane and one of Bane’s brothers Toragar. Stall is the second son of Bane and currently serves in the Emperial Guard.

Uncle Toragar is not just a member of the fighting force, but also the family historian. Dysian spent long hours learning from him growing up. As Dysian grew older he would debate some of the family tenents. One such point of contention was the Family Motto: Through straits to heights. Devok and Stall always saw this as those with the greater force will rise to places of power. While Dysian eventually saw this to be something else. As he often heard his Uncle say to lead these conversations, “There are two ways to power, but only one way to keep it.” Dysian always took this to be you can take power by force or through the support of the people. After an exhaustive argument with his brothers where Dysian did not waiver from his point and both Stall and Devok were pitted against him Toragar pulled Dysain aside and told him something about the family motto. The motto that is known is not the whole, as with most family mottos there are hidden parts that without them conceal the full meaning. The full motto is “Through straits with the people, to heights with the people.” This reafirmed Dysian’s position. This helped steer him towards the order of Hymoras since it spoke to him and in line with the family.

The reason why Dysian is with this militia is because he is hoping build up his leadership qualities and to help keep the peace.

Holy symbol:
An upright fist palm side out, surrounded by a circle. The open palm symbolizes separated communities, while a closed hand,fist, is strong with people coming together

outlook on wild magic:
Well again looking back on history yes chaos and otherworldly magic led to catastrophe, but mostly men with evil intentions caused the problems. Dysian stands by his comrades and his people, as long as they hold to the tenants that govern good and ‘righteous’ men. This of course deviates from the Main church of Silas, but with St. Hymoras’s teachings “all who stand and act for the protection of their fellows with what Silas has provided them, will be made the stronger for it.”


Dysian Wyborn

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