Welcome to Hell

Cast in attendance:
Dysian Wyborn
Xander Paarthunax
Yew Dark

The game opened with an introduction to Badger’s Bluff and to the background of each member of the party. They were informed that they had worked together in Count Otto Goulding for the past year, and that in the time the had grown to trust one another.

Play began as the party was wrapping up discussions with one of the border Orc tribes. This tribe was not know for raiding, and it was beneficial to to the militia to keep good relations with them. In the conversation with the Shaman it was discovered that a hunting party was lost to the north of the camp, near the Human border. The party decided to investigate and quickly found the trail.

As they ventured into the woods they found that the trail abruptly ended near some very old and out of place masonry. It looked as though the hunting party had been in a fight, though there were no tracks from their adversaries. That night, after the party set up camp, they discovered why the track were missing. When the Air Elemental Attacked, the party was unsure how to proceed. But through creative use of arrows and sheer brute force, they were able to dispel the creature back to the dark plane of it’s origin.

The following day the party found that the masonry was getting more common and that what was once loose stones was becoming something of a road. Dysian Wyborn and Rill believed that the trail lead to great evil and that it was their duty to determine the magnitude of the threat before heading back to camp. The rest of the party (reluctantly) agreed. It quickly became apparent that the trail was indeed unnatural and that there would be nothing but darkness at the end. About the time the party decided it was time to turn back, they were beset by the undead bodies of the hunters and a pack of Worgs. By the time they dispatched the beasts it was too late. Some dark shift had taken place and the found that the trail they had be walking on was some sort of tunnel.

On backtracking their steps, the party emerged into a world not their own. The sky was black and starless, the earth was an infinite desert of purple sand. The only break in the landscape was when they looked back the way they had come, over the tunnel, and onto the outline of a black temple the size of the sky. Deducing that the way home had to be within the depths of the building they ventured forth.

What followed was a perfect example of how to use a Paladin as a trap detector, and how quickly a Sorcerer’s lungs can collapse (for the first time). All of this leading to a pit that dropped them into a tomb. In the crypt they saw a great black sarcophagus, and a Wizard they had been turned to stone… And a Basilisk.

The fight was epic, as epic as 5 second level characters can make it.

Once the beast was slain the party freed the mage in order to use his key and return home.

Bad rolling by the Wizard took place in such a manner that they were able to talk their way out of a fight. They black-jacked the spell-caster and kept him under for the entire trip back to Badger’s Bluff where they turned him in to the Brotherhood of Silaas.

Xander Paarthunax kept the key…



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